Collaborative Project

My Role: Producer

Imagibots was a collaborative project completed in conjunction with BAFTA for the winner of a Young Game Designer Award. Imagibots was a realisation of the Young Game Designer’s winning game concept in the form of a playable prototype.

As producer I managed a multidisciplinary team of five, created schedules, assigned tasks, communicated with the client and ensured that the team successfully delivered a fully functioning prototype based on the winning concept of the Young Game Designer.

Trello, Microsoft Project and Slack were used to manage this project alongside regular SCRUMS and an Agile development model. Regular production meetings were also held with the producers from three other teams to manage the full Masters studio.

I was also responsible for organising and conducting testing of the project, to ensure that it was both functional and of a quality that was representative of the involvement of BAFTA. This testing included the logging of bugs, organising testing sessions with volunteers and coordinating the development team’s response to feedback. This prototype went on to be demonstrated at EGX 2017 and did so without any crashes or errors occurring over the three-day period.